The 1 Parenting Car Hack That You Need Now


This isn’t really for traveling.  This is for any car trip ever.  Once this saves your bacon (like it has mine and I’ve only used it for one trip), you will never be the same.  Are you ready to be amazed?


For each kid in your vehicle who is old enough and capable, give them a gallon storage bag.  They can tuck it into their carseat or the pocket in front of them–anywhere within reach.   Now the next time they say, “Oh, I don’t feel good…,” instead of panicking or pulling over (or not and reaping the consequences), you just say, “Get your bag ready, but try NOT to throw up!”

At the most, it will cost you $0.10 for the bag.  The last time a kid threw up in the car, we were out of town and ended up stopping at a store and buying trash bags and cleaner, costing around $15, so this is DEFINITELY worth it!


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