Web Development

I do web development.  I develop websites.  I’m slightly addicted, actually.  It usually starts with “Hey, I want to be able to do THIS with data!”  And then a while later a website emerges.  Ta da!

I also REALLY like helping small business owners with their websites, but I charge $20/hour for my services.  I have a couple of clients now, but am always open to more.  I actually think I’m a pretty good deal: you’re a little more flexible with my kid-crazy, church-crazy schedule, and you only pay me when I work for you.  I do both custom development (PHP and MySQL) and WordPress sites (which I firmly believe will cover the vast majority of small business needs).  I also outsource admin work to a few awesome moms I know for $10 an hour.

Client sites:




Sites I own and run:


Never plan meals again.  Unless you want to.

Our standard plan provides 4 dinners per week balanced for flavor, cost, time, effort, and season. Use it or customize it however you want. And it’s free!




The Bible, one line at a time. Great for working out or whatever.