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punumWebsites are great (and essential, in my opinion) for small businesses because of the efficiency and low-cost of disseminating information to customers.  You can use them for promotion, customer service, sales, education, and the list goes on.  Plus, such a high percentage of people have smart phones that to reference critical (or not so critical) information, a beautiful, well-organized site is MORE beneficial to most people than a physical brochure that they have to keep up with.  You as a business owner receive time and cost savings when your site meets their need without it requiring anything from you or anyone at your business.

I did not build the site in this picture.  But it’s award-winning.  It gives customers valuable information about their services and makes it EASY to contact them.



The Basic Options

Serious Business
Dreamhost hosts your site for $120/year
We use WordPress (free) to build your site
We customize with plugins and custom code to meet your needs
Completely Custom
Dreamhost hosts your site for $120/year
Just like the sites I built and run, everything is custom from your user-facing site to your internal management system


My Official Credentials

Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) in Management Information Systems from Baylor University in 2003

3 years at ExxonMobil designing, developing, and maintaining web applications for the Distribution, Pipeline and other companies within the corporation

4 years at (now owned by Amazon) designing, developing, and maintaining web applications for their Kentucky fulfillment operations and

I planned, designed, developed these sites and I maintain them and complete feature updates currently.